Experiences in Treviso

Private Treviso Tour
Product Code: TV_PrivateTour

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In this walking tour, you will get an introduction to the beauties of Treviso, such as the ancient walls and their story.

Private Treviso Tour with Tastings
Product Code: TV_PrivateTastings

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During the regular tour in Treviso for the newbies, you will have the chance to stop at least 3 times for 3 different tastings in 3 different valuable spots.

Private Tastings Tour in Treviso
Product Code: TV_PrivateTastings_02

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Are you so bored with history and architecture? Don’t worry, Treviso is a good place to stay even if you don’t mind about culture.

Riding a Bicycle in Treviso (gym class)
Product Code: TV_RidingBike

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It doesn’t matter if you are a bike lover or you just ride it once a year, this is your chance!

Coffee time (tasting experience)
Product Code: TV_CoffeeTime

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Have you ever tried the famous Italian espresso? Do you rather prefer Cappuccino? Have you ever heard about arabic and blend? Do you feel a little bit confused?

Tea time (tasting experience)
Product Code: TV_TeaTime

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Have you ever thought tea is just for the English Queen? it’s time you change your mind! it’s time to understand the differences among green, white, yellow and black tea… or do i have to say black tea? Have you ever realized we can have a smoked tea but even a fermented tea?

Tour of the Dolomites Mountains
Product Code: TV_Dolomites

This tour will lead you in a fantastic Alpine scenery, where the nature and mountains will be the main characters.

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Easy Food Tour
Product Code: TV_EasyFoodTour

Have you got just all day free? Do you want to taste the best of local products? This is the right tour for you.

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Countryside Solo Food Tour
Product Code: TV_CountrysideFoodTour

Prepare your stomach empty because we will stay one day together to eat and drink all the best from our beautiful region, Veneto. We will bring you around the countryside of Treviso, including Prosecco hills and you will stop many times to try wine, beer, Prosecco, cheese, cured meats and so on… galore!

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Prosecco Tour
Product Code: TV_ProseccoTour

In love with Prosecco? come on and join us with this intense tour based on Prosecco (with some stops to enjoy the magnificent architectures, stunning villages, wonderful viewpoints).

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