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During the regular tour in Treviso for the newbies, you will have the chance to stop at least 3 times for 3 different tastings in 3 different valuable spots.

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Usually, this tour will begin with a stop for the first tasting, just to start the tour off on the right foot. The second stop will usually be in the middle of the tour and the last one at end of the tour, just to be sure we end with a bang ! 

After the first stop, the walking tour will proceed along the beauties of Treviso, such as the ancient walls and its story, the reason of such a large number of facades, widely decorated with XVth century frescoes, the multitude of the fascinating canals and their purposes, the medieval buildings and their succumbing charms, the narrow and crooked streets, the characteristic ducks and geese, the history and its proofs from prehistoric time down to Romans and medieval time, through Venetian republic and Mr Napoleon, up to IWW and IIWW, all in tiny town, but easy-to-understand, really dense in history and anecdotes. 

The tour guide will suggest you what to taste, according to your style and the moment of the day, such as local foods (cicchetti [appetizers, finger foods, baccalà (stockfish) in the Venetian style], local ham&cheese with bread, local red & white wine, seasonal products, the sparkling prosecco wine, tiramisu cake] or some local excellences  (a really fluffy gelato [ice cream], a tasting pizza, the most unbelievable espresso ever, the most unforgettable tea of your life, many different delicious fresh-baked breads).

You will enjoy a lot the city and its history, stopping here and there in the most beautiful and folkloristic places, bar and restaurants in Treviso, in order to rest a little bit and enjoy your foods; or you can even decide to continue your stroll in the charming medieval streets and along the way you can enjoy a take away gelato or sip a take away cappuccino or a slice of pizza to go, or whatever you prefer.

In the meanwhile you will receive some suggestion for your following meals during your stay in Treviso. 

  • Duration; 3 hours ( or more)
  • Tastings:  3 stops in 3 hours, more if longer.
  • (tastings on your choice, not included in the price of the tour)
  • Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs