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Are you so bored with history and architecture? Don’t worry, Treviso is a good place to stay even if you don’t mind about culture. You will stay with your “food expert” guide  for the whole time, and he won’t annoy you at all through dates, facts and nothing like that. He will only lead you in the best places where you can enjoy just foods and drinks. Do you rather prefer sweet or salt? In this moment are you more addicted to one scoop of Gelato or a slice of Pizza? And 20 minutes later, are you more for a cup of espresso or a glass of wine? During this tasting tour you will have at least 5 stops, according to your needs. 

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Our “food expert” guide will recommend you a large selection of everything, according to your taste, and you will choose among many different yummy proposal, such as: local foods: have you ever heard about venetian “cicchetti”? you can definitely try them even in Treviso and they are many different appetizers, finger foods, baccalà (stockfish), meat ball, fish ball, little bruschetta, hard boiled half-egg in Treviso style, deep fried mozzarella cheese, olives stuffed with meat and many more.
local ham&cheese: a good selection of salame, ham, cured meats, cold cuts together with mozzarella cheese, spreadable cheese, aged cheese from different manufacturers.

Everything combined with crunching bread, and drunk with many different local red & white wines, or the Prosecco wine or the Spritz 
local excellences: do you know the tiramisu cake was invented in Treviso more or less a century ago? do you like to try the best one in Treviso? Or, are you more a Gelato person? Are you in love with Pizza? Are you so brave to try the Italian espresso, the little tiny coffee bomb? Are you addicted to coffee or tea? Do you rather prefer beer? Have you ever fallen in love with the most tasting fresh baked breads? And, just once in a life, please don’t mind about the diet, and we can have a pastry tasting too. 

During the tour you will all receive a list with suggestion and recommendation galore about where having your best lunch, dinner, breakfast or snack during your glorious stay in Treviso. 

  • Duration; 3 hours ( or more)
  • Tastings: min 3 stops in 3 hours, more if longer.
  • (tastings on your choice, not included in the price of the tour)
  • Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs