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The Boss
yeah, it’s me…. my teams call me “the boss” but I’m just Igor (no matter how you pronounce it) a tour leader, working in this business since 199X.

For almost 22 year I have been a tour leader for Globus Family of brands a leader company for coach travel all around the world, and in that period i was running up and down the whole Europe, from North Cape to Greece, from Portugal to Russia, passing through all the big European Capitals such as London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Geneve, Berlin, Prague, Budapest but even smaller but equally charming towns such as Cork, Leeds, Carcassone, Venice, Florence, Munich, Monte Carlo, Cracow, Barcelona, Naples, Milan, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Dresden, Aachen, Athen, Lisbon, Nice… 


In 2007 I decided to change my life style and I definitely stopped in Venice, my hometown, and I decided to realize my dream, I mean, taking by hand the tourists around in my lovely town, as a local.

It was the time to set “Tour Leader Venice”, proposing many different tour in the most romantic city of the world, in a not boring way, full of anedoctes, never annoying with too much dates, always trying to give hints in order to make foreign people feeling like an Italian, finding a link among foreign culture and Italiana and Venetian culture.

And in the while I need to hire some people,  cannot do all by myself, and so the team began to grow. 

Little later I started proposing tour in the Venetian Countryside, tasting tours, off the beaten path tours, and the selection is still increasing by now.
Time after time, I also set “Tour Leader Treviso”, which is a new leg of the brand… it means a new town and a new team but always bringing my personal stamp.
And so, in 2019 it’s the moment to start a new leg, a new chapter, called “Tour Leader Italy” and now little by little my personal print will reach many Italian cities and will improve with many new chances for you, the tourists!

Thank you for believing in me, I would be nothing without you, but I want to thank you all of you because I’m moved every time I see a tourist with sparkling eyes and open mouth at the end of the tour, or when I read a passionate feedback … this is the best proof that my teams and I are working in the right way, just for you, anyone of you!!

Thank you, 

(& the team) 


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