In love with Prosecco? come on and join us with this intense tour based on Prosecco (with some stops to enjoy the magnificent architectures, stunning villages, wonderful viewpoints).

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Our driver we’ll wait you at your hotel, and together you will spend an intense day of tastings, in 3 different wineries for Prosecco and 1 distillery for Grappa (and in the meanwhile the opportunity of visiting a lovely tiny village and a photo stop)
1st winery: 10 hectares around a villa dated back 17th century, in the same area hardly loved by the last king of Italy.

Asolo: you will stop here and take your time to enjoy the romantic village, thick of story, full of emotion and you can enjoy the 360° view, relax down for a while, have a stroll in the main street, have some shopping and sit down for lunch.

Maser: just a photo stop for this astonishing Palladian Villa, same architecture which inspired the design of the White House in Washington D.C.
Distillery: old tradition and an old building are still preserved by capable hands in order to keep the authentic flavor of Grappa, in old fashion way.
2nd winery: even if the vineyards is dated back a century ago, this winery is really modern and avant-garde.

3rd winery: the real Prosecco DOCG in the original and only Prosecco hills, where the grapevines are cultivated by natural techniques.
Prosecco hills: you will go up and the down the hills in this marvelous scenario, unique in the world, as unique as its wine. 

  • Duration: full day
  • Price: XX€ per person (CCCC€ for children from X to T yo, FREE under Uyo) - due to Italian laws, people under 16 yo are not allowed to drink any kind of alcohol. (Italian Penal Code, art. 689), in that case they will have soda, juice, water.
  • Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van
  • Tastings included in the price
  • A cheese factory;
  • A wine factory.

Lunch; not included in the price

For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to daily traffic jam, car crashed on the way, unexpected close of one of the factories.

Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs