In this case you will visit you will have the perfect mix among visits and rest, eating and drinking, be acculturate and relax yourself.

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Using a private car or van, you will reach all the destination of the tour, and while our driver your stroll you around, our guide will acknowledge you about everything (and a little bit more) you are going to see.

Padua: a stroll around the city, visiting the highlights of this wonderful town, which is famous for being the 2nd most ancient university city in Italy. But do you know it’s also well known for being the city of “without”: the city of the grass without grass, of the Saint without name, of the bar without doors. But it’s even the city filled “with” a lot to visit like its arches, the many different and popular squares, the frescos by Giotto and bustling streets crowded by locals, students and tourists for a living and never boring city. You can improve your Padua experience with a time for having a quick lunch, with a regular sandwich or a tramezzino (soft bread local sandwich) together with a spritz, or a gelato, or a pasta, just for feeling the vibe to live like a local here.

Este: close to Padua and Euganean Hills (volcanic hills), there’s this lovely town which is dated back since prehistoric time (as widely proofed in the local museum) bye ow a day largely designed according to medieval plant. This walled city and its towers, its lovely garden, its streets which remind us of ancient times, surely will rape your heart.
Delicatessen: we will have a tour in an ham and cured meats factory, 3rd generation family run factory. The family will be more than happy to prepare a yummy tasting for you. 

Arquà Petrarca: the visit of the second of the most beautiful 2017 italian village cannot missed in this tour, and you will discover the same place even lived by the famous Italian writer of the XIVth century, Mr Petrarca and you can try to imagine how to live in that period, while walking in the narrow streets.
Winery: a land of hills, a land of wine, and now it’s the moment to stop a while, visiting a winery and rest for tasting and sipping a good glass of local wine, in n astonishing location, which is a fancy and designed restaurant hosted by a Michelin - starred chef.

  • Duration: full day (8 hours)
  • Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van
  • Tastings included in the price ham tastign and a wine tastign 
  • Lunch; not included in the price

[For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to daily traffic jam, , unexpected close of one of the factories. ]

Meeting Point: Piazzale Roma or a different one  according to your needs.

if you need a trasnfer from your accommodation to Piazzale Roma, just ask a quote.