Venice is not just Rialto Bridge and St Mark's square, but it's a variety of hidden corners, gems, curiosities and anecdotes

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Our local expert will come to your accommodation to pick you up, if you stay in Venice downtown, or you will agree for a meeting point, comfortable for both. From that point your tour will start and you will get a little introduction about the city.

Every time the off the beaten path tour wil be different, according to different area of Venice where you are, according to your needs and your preferences, and this is just thanks to the fact your local expert will be there just for you.

You could make all the question you want to all the questions, even the ones you thought there were no answers .. you'll discover a lot of nice corners, hidden gems, all in a very funny and gorgeous way, absolutely no boring at all, with tons of curiosities and anecdotes.

Before the end of the tour, you could also ask to your local guide to show you the closest or the nicest place for gondola ride, in one of the many gondola station in order to have your Gondola ride and finally having the chance to explore Venice from the most relaxing point of view: the water, Venice's most natural element. And you will be hugged as in the cradle!

Doesn't really matter the itinerary, while in Venice! Each spot it's a postcard, and you never know what’s behind each corner!

Included in the tour:

- 3 hours walking tour in Venice downtown

- a local guide with you for 3 hours


Not inluded:

- any drinks, any snacks, any souvenirs, any shopping

- any gondola ride

- any tips