What’s better than a creamy tasty ice-cream, especially during summertime? An Italian ice-cream, of course. We are sure that you know Italy is well known for food, so we can speak about pizza, spaghetti and pasta, espresso, Bolognese sauce, wine, Prosecco, Tiramisu cake… but, are you forgetting anything? It’s time for Gelato, Italian ice-cream Gelato experience!

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You will enjoy a real Italian Gelateria (ice cream shop) totally for you, and as soon as you pop in you will be really well welcome by crew, introducing you the shop itself and and the story of ice cream, with a special view on the unique philosophy which marks this special Gelateria.
A step forward to understand better the manufacturing process will clear your idea about the mixture, in order to arrive really conscious to the first tasting.    

After that, we will study a little bit more about the whipping process and its secrets, so we can have 2 additional tasting, for 2 different phase of this process.

Now, you will be waiting for the icing on the cake, that is the whipped cream, with its explanation and - of course - another tasting.

Are you sated? Please no! Save a little bit of space, because now it’s time for Cookies paired with a variety of cream spread and jam.

Now that we are coming to an end, we are sure your stomach is pretty satisfied, and it will be the time to get your Certificate of Attendance, to be flaunted to all your friends once back home.

Information: if you have any food allergy, first of all make us aware of it at the moment of booking. Then, please immediately remind it to the chef the day itself.

  • Duration: 1 hour 
  • Price: per person (including children).
  • Party: from 1 up to 25
  • Tastings included in the price: 6 different tasting during the whole experience
Meeting Point: in front of the shop.

farer area, ask for a quotation.