Food lover? Wine lover? Beer lover? Drink lover? Not interested in history, architecture, church, art ? Come on, this is your chance to enjoy a tour actually designed for you.

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You will have a driver who will take care of you during the whole experience, from the moment he will meet at your door and will drive and lead you all day long, during this magnificent tour dully based on wine, prosecco, beer and grappa, with no frills such as ancient castles, old abbeys, neither dusty ruins. 
So, you will thrill your throat in many different ways:

1st winery: a totally green and eco-friendly winery which produces organic wine form 100% organic grapes. absolutely one of a kind with a wide selection of white or red wine,  prosecco or bubbly, sparkling or raisin wine, DOC or DOCG wines, Grappa or Prosecco.

2nd winery: something like 1000 thousand years of activity for this 1200 acres wide winery, where you can find tasty and healthy products, such different kind of Prosecco and IGT wine, everything manufactured according to nature.

1st brewery: an over and over awarded brewery where everything is specially designed, from the whole manufacturing process up to the tankard, for a really high quality product. 

2nd brewery: super quality ingredients, research for a special taste and a family passion for beer all three mixed together give you the chance to taste a really special beer, the one you really want to try!

3rd winery and 1st distillery: vintners with 4 centuries of passion and skills who offer us wine, grappa and liquors exported in more than 130 countries around the world.

Can you imagine such a place?
4th winery: grapes, vineyards, barrels. Here it’s all about wine and the results are indescribable wine and sparkling wines with a unique flavor due to the native grape variety. 

  • Duration: full day
  • Price: XX€ per person (CCCC€ for children from X to T yo, FREE under Uyo) - due to Italian laws, people under 16 yo are not allowed to drink any kind of alcohol. (Italian Penal Code, art. 689), in that case they will have soda, juice, water.
  • Party: from 1 to 8, and according to this we will send you a sedan or a van
  • Tastings included in the price
  • A 1st winery
  • a 2nd winery:
  • a 1st brewery
  • a 2nd brewery
  • a 3rd brewery and 1st distillery
  • a 4th winery

Lunch; (not) included in the price

For some reason it could be possible that tour will be modified according to daily traffic jam, car crashed on the way, unexpected close of one of the factories.

Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station or other, according to your needs