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Do you know that Italy is really famous for food? Have you already tasted the local food? This is the perfect tour for your needs, because it’s all based on food!

Product Code: NA_GastronomicTour

It will start with the visit   to a family-runned Olive Oil factory where you can learn everything about this extraordinary nourishment. And what about having an acknowledgment about the ancient technique of olive oil pressing with old mills and its evolution during centuries up to modern technology with metal presses. And what about a delicious tasting of 15 different types of extra virgin oil served on freshly baked bread.

What a tasty experience! 

Later, we will continue the tour with visiting an authentic mozzarella farm and we will enjoy the demonstration - of course - will include not only the demonstration of the making of fresh cheese, but above all the tasting … we know that’s your favorite part of the visit!

And last but not least, which is the most famous dish coming from Naples and surrounding? Pizza! You are right and so, we will also have an unforgettable Pizza class lesson. This time we will discover together all (yes, all!) Pizza secrets directly from a super talented pizza maker and in the meanwhile even you will make your own fave pizza, and above all you will bake it in a genuine wood-burning oven.

For the greatest and best end, you will finally eat your own pizza and at the end what’s better than a shot of authentic local Limoncello? Cheers!!!

  • Duration: full day (8/9 hours)
  • Price: XX€ per person (CCCC€ for children from X to T yo, FREE under Uyo) 
  • Party: from 1 to 8, and in case - according to this we will send you a sedan or a van
  • Lunch: included in the price
  • Not included: snacks, additional drinks, additional food, tip and any other necessities.
  • Meeting Point: Hotel/Airport/Train Station in Naples and Sorrento, according to your needs
  • Pick up time: 8.30 am