A hint of wild flowers, Linden and Orange blossoms and white fruits

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WINERY: Corte Quaiara


DESCRIPTION: Pale yellow and crystalline. A hint of wild flowers, Linden and Orange blossoms and white fruits; sensations of freshness on the palate combined with persistent mineral notes of flavor with a finale of mild citrus that dissolves to ripened yellow fruits.


BEST WITH: Fish dishes

  • DENOMINATION: White I.G.P. Verona.
  • GRAPE VARIETY: Garganega varietal grapes.
  • TERRITORY: Morainic hills.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: S. Giorgio in salici (Sona) a hilly area.
  • ALTITUDE: 150-250 meters above sea level
  • TYPE OF SOIL: Calcareous of würm origin.
  • TRAINING SYSTEM: Simple “pergoletta”.
  • AVERAGE AGE OF VINES: 40 years – Vieilles vignes.
  • PLANTING DENSITY: Approx. 4500 vines per hectare.
  • HARVEST: Picked by hand around mid-October.
  • CRUSHING: Soft crushing of destalked grapes.
  • FERMENTATION: 10-12 days under controlled temperature at 16 degrees.
  • AGING: Kept for almost a year in steel, then aged for 8 months in bottle.


Analytical data:

  • Alcohol: 11,5% Vol.
  • Total acidity: 5,85 g/l
  • Residual sugars: 2,5 g/l
  • Ph: 3,21


Vintage characteristics: Campo al Salice comes from a blend of grapes native to an area of one hectare on a slight slope on a Morainic hills created by the Würm glaciation which deposited on the ground, over millions of years, pebbles and small stones from which the vines, planted more than 40 years ago, convey to the wine all the mineral and acidic content of the soil with a constant background of white-fleshed fruit that differentiate this typically Veronese wine from others. Unique and unrepeatable, it can be created only from this combination of terroir and climate tempered by the proximity of Lake Garda.

The way I work in the vineyard and in the cellar with commitment and professionalism and my willingness to obtain wines with a strong personality are the reasons why I try to create and offer people something “unique”.

2016 enjoyed a very balanced climate with sizeable swings in temperature between daytime and night. A cooler than normal year.

The grapes had a gradual and steady maturation, which occurred mainly due to light rather than heat and this led to the accumulation of Polyphenolic substances.

Giovanni Montresor ( the owner)  has always been a sort of second home. My family has in fact worked with wine for 150 years and, in the past, its members have often been pioneers in vine-growing and wine production.

After initially being employed by a large Veronese wine company, I felt a strong need to work in close contact with the land and my vines. So, thanks to my determination and the invaluable support of my family, the Corte Quaiara project took shape, becoming once more – vintage after vintage – a fully-fledged wine-producing domaine. When I decided to give new life to Corte Quaiara,

I realised that I wanted to make wines that were able to express who I am. I wanted to produce wines in which you can smell the scents of the earth, of the grapes becoming must, and of the vats in which the wine matures. I wanted those who drink my wines to savour each phase of the production process, so I learnt all about it, from the vine to the bottle.

In my wines you can find my full identity: the strain on my back; my hands, stained with earth and grape juice; and my pleasure in seeing, enclosed in the bottle, the realisation of my initial idea. Today I am a vigneron.