After a meticulous fragmentation of the vineyards and a skilful vinification we have assembled the most intriguing base wines, so we have created this prosecco brut with an enchanting elegance.

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Pale straw glass with a fine perlage.

On the nose it highlights a sapid and mineral accent with hints of chalk and graphite, andthen arranges on fruity notes of pear, peach and floral notes of linden and honeysuckle. Rich on the palate, with freshness and acidity that offer an excellent balance. Persistent closes on fresh and floral tones.

Italian Sommelier Federation

BEST WITH: Great to drink at any meal matched with Japanese cuisine and raw fish.

  • GRAPE 100% Glera from old vineyards selected during the manual harvest.
  • TASTING Serving temperature 5-8 ° C
  • A refined, yellow color with shiny green rims of creamy perlage.
  • A rich bouquet, freshness of wisteria and the fragrance of white pear pear.
  • A dry and perfectly balanced palate, an extraordinary length.
  • Available formats 0,75 - 1,5 Lt
  • Vintage 2019
  • Name DOCG Asolo e Montello
  • Type Sparkling Charmat
  • Variety 100% glera old vineyards, manual harvest
  • Production area Fonte - Asolo - Cassanego (TV)
  • Vineyard attitude 120/380 slm
  • Vineyard age 25 years old
  • Winemaking  Whole grapes, at controlled temperature
  • Refinement 100% steel
  • Total acidity 5.7 g / l
  • Overall alcohol 11.66% Vol
  • Total sulfites 115 mg / l

Tenuta Baron is located in Fonte, a pre-Alpine town in the province of Treviso. The property extends for ten hectares and is governed by Villa Peschicini, construction of the late '600 and ancient royal residence, the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, in fact, loved to stay in these hills. The villa is located at the center of the estate and is surrounded by the park with centuries-old trees, avenues of centuries-old olive trees and the vineyard on all sides. Thus creating a small natural eco-system.

A dream came true in the '70s, when Domenico "Nico" Baron bought Peschicini villa in Fonte (TV). Immediately begins the restoration of the buildings, the restoration of the old vineyard and the reconstruction of the park. After 40 years of work, which in the middle have seen the construction of the cellar, dug into a hill, Tenuta Baron is in full splendor. Now his wife and children, with the help of Andrea Sbrissa, bring all the efforts of Nico from the land to the bottle, which always watches attentively with passion and enthusiasm.