Rosè Extra Dry - Fioravanti Onesti

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Most recently introduced into our collection, this rosè wine is created starting from a blend of the best vintages of autochthonous white and red grapes. Glera's aromatic power is elegantly matched by the crispy acidity of

Pinot Noir and by the personality of Raboso Veronese. A summer wine that reminds the flavours of peach and pomegranate.

Perfect for who likes to try new wine experiences and being seduced by unusual typology.

BEST WITH:  Perfect for the whole meal in the warm evenings of summer.

Grape varieties: 40% Glera, 30% Raboso, 30% Pinot Noir

Production area: San Biagio di Callalta, Treviso

Soil: Caranto (Clay)

Residual sugar: 16,3 gr/lt

Pairings: Appetizers, red cheesecake, fruit aspic

Service temperature: 6-8°C

Alcohol content: 11% vol.

Size: 0,75 lt.

The Fioravanti Onesti estate began in the first years of the 19th century when Baron Francesco Fioravanti Onesti from Padua, ancestor of the actual owner, bought the property in Rovarè of San Biagio di Callalta, owned then by the noble family Da Lezze.

The favourable location of the land led to transforming the property into a florid, modern estate. The heirs, all enthusiastic farmers, lavished capital and innovations “to render fertile lands that were sterile and unfertile”. It is thus that the historian Trevigiano Antonio Caccianiga, in his “Memories of the Province of Treviso”, in 1874, confirmed how “Baron Gaetano Onesti is among the land owners who contribute towards the agricultural progress of the province. His lands are sown properly, and cultivated with care, by means of assiduous and intelligent vigilance that leads to the improvement of the peasants, showing them the example of the Rovarè farmlands. The vines, both in the habitual way as with the “palo a secco” present a florid appearance and in the making of the wine the methods of the distinguished Professor Carpenè are used in the enological establishment of the province. Therefore, improvement is diffused everywhere and, in every part of the territory, the large land owners introduce new reforms which are imitated by the smaller land owners.”

The agronomical and technical modernization of the Estate brought about by Baron Francesco Fioravanti Onesti in the early 1970’s was of fundamental importance, allowing the continuation in production of excellent grapes that characterize his property.

Today the Estate, predominantly vineyards, is supervised with passion and commitment by Alvise Fioravanti Onesti, following in the tradition of the family in the respect of nature and in excellence of the final product. It was his desire to increase the production of wine and open to the public, due to the appreciation manifest and the growing demand of the market.