Intense notes of dark spices and smoky hints on a fruity base made of plum and black cherry.

Product Code: Wine_ValpolicellaDOCClassicoSuperioreTB_Bussola

WINERY: Bussola


DESCRIPTION: Intense notes of dark spices and smoky hints on a fruity base made of plum and black cherry. Then withered floral notes and undergrowth perceptions. Balsamic notes, cocoa and aromatic herbs in closing.


BEST WITH: Red meats

  • GRAPES VARIETY: Corvina 55% Corvinone 40% Rondinella 5%
  • AGE OF VINEYARDS: 40/50 years old
  • TRAINING SYSTEM: Pergola Veronese
  • DENSITY: 3500 plants per hectare
  • TOTAL ACIDITY: 7,10 g/l
  • SUGAR: 5,70 g/l (Vintage 2014)
  • PRESERVATION: 15-20 years. Depending on the vintage.




The 50% grapes are crushed towards middle October.
Fermentation occurs at room temperature. The wine is racked after 15 days with a residual sugar of 25 g/l.

It is, after 10 days, racked again to take off the sediment.

On December the other 50% of the grapes, after 3 months of drying process, are crushed.

When start the fermentation of the dried grapes the Valpolicella produced in October is added, in order to reach a right balance between the two parts. Fermentations occurs at room temperature.

After almost 1 month is racked in stainless steel tank.

Racked again after 10 days to take off the sediments, it remains in 700-litre French and Slavonian oak barrels where aged for 32 months, then is assembled in only one big barrel of 75 hectolitres were aged for another 10 months.

It is bottled  and allowed to age for six months before being released  on the market.

Of this wine we make a total production of almost 10.000 bottles.

A story of passion and enthusiasm!

There are journeys which unwind with no uncertainties, following clear and precise paths.

The story of Tommaso Bussola arises from the land of Valpolicella ñ a land of harmony and beauty, of ancient tradition. The first chapter opens in 1977, the year Tommaso began working in the small wine estate of his uncle Giuseppe.

The characteristics of his personality, which were to have such an influence on his eventual wine production, were evident from the start, and leave no doubts at all.

We are speaking of passion and of skill, of an "inborn enthusiasm" and of that inexhaustible energy which manifests itself from time to time in, for example, the satisfied look of a taster, in the positive appreciation of the public, thanks to the knowing recognition of one who knows how to infer, in a glass of wine, all the sacrifice and dedication that has gone into producing it.

In the first years of activity, Tommaso faithfully followed the footsteps of the traditionalists, respecting the time-honoured practices of barrel aging ñ barrels which, in those times, were used and re-used many times over the years.

The wines of this style of production carry the logo "bg", being the initials of his uncle, Bussola Giuseppe.