Pleasantly fruity and savory with an interesting acidity and an harmonious after-taste of almond

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WINERY: Vigna 800


DESCRIPTION: Ruby color with red shades.Valpolicella is an heartwarming wine with fruity fresh winning aromas reminding ripe cherry and the dark flowers like the violets. Pleasantly fruity and savory with an interesting acidity and an harmonious after-taste of almond.


BEST WITH:  Ideal wine for delightful and simple every-day consumption.

  • SOIL: Calcareous soil.
  • AGE AND POSITION OF THE VINEYARDS: in “Cesolina” area we have our youngest vineyards.
  • VINEYARDS: authentic vineyards of Valpolicella, Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara,
  • DENSITY: 330 vines/ha
  • TRAINING SYSTEM:  pergola, typical of our territory.
  • HARVEST:  After hand-harvest,
  • VINIFICATION: traditional vinification with soft-pressing of the grapes followed by a maceration on the skins with daily remontages in order to extract all the fragrances, perfumes and the colors typical of this wine. Fermentation in steel tanks.
  • SERVICE TEMPERATURE: Serve chilled (18C°) in large glasses.
  • PRODUCTION PER HA: 100q/haw


The farm business was born in 2001 for a bet of a man, Franco Elampini: producing good wine  with the  grapes of his own fields, just how it used to be in the past.

In the heartland of Valpolicella, the wine cellar Vigna ‘800 houses the finest wines of our tradition.

A place of taste and pleasure in order to appreciate the terroir of one of the most beautiful areas in Italy.