To the nose, notes of graphite, coffee, dark fruits, laurel, carob and nutmeg.

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WINERY: Corte Quaiara


DESCRIPTION: Ruby red colour, bright in some parts with a shine and transparency typical of Pinot Noir.

To the nose, notes of graphite, coffee, dark fruits, laurel, carob and nutmeg.

The mouth begins with toasted notes of floral sensations of rose, raspberry, black currant with small balsamic streaks. Rather long and persistent finale, supported by an harmonized acidity balanced by well-integrated tannins that leaves the mouth with spicy sensations (Sarawak pepper) of great pleasantness.


BEST WITH: Meat based meals, every kind of cheese, spicy food and pasta or risotto

  • DENOMINATION: Red Pinot Noir I.G.P. Verona.
  • GRSAPE VARIETY: Pinot Noir varietal grapes.
  • TERRITORY: Morainic hills.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: S. Giorgio in Salici (Sona), a hilly area.
  • ALTITUDE: 150-250 meters above sea level
  • TYPE OF SOIL: Light sandy .
  • TRIANING SYSTEM: Guyot simple.
  • AVERAGE AGE OF VINES: 10 years.
  • PLANTING DENSITY: About 6,000 vines per hectare.
  • PRODUCTION: 50q/Ha
  • HARVEST: Exclusevely by hand in mid-September.
  • CRUSHING: Soft crushing of the destemmed grapes.
  • FERMENTATION: In stainless steel at a controlled temperature and daily and periodical pump-over and delestage in contact with the skins. Malolactic fermentation took place in November in barriques and tonneaux.
  • AGING: Maturation in new barriques and tonneaux for 18 months, then in bottle for 1 year.


Analytical data:

  • Alcohol: 13% Vol.
  • Total acidity: 5.90g/l
  • Residual sugars: 2.6 g/l Ph: 3.45
  • Dry extract: 30 g/l


Vintage characteristics: This vintage is a further confirmation of the suitability of the soil of the Morainic hills with its limestone quota of 50%. The season was balanced with beautiful nocturnal temperature ranges that favoured the prominent acidity of this vintage. It lends itself to obtaining a great Pinot Noir that only patient aging in the bottle will lead to its maximum expression.

Giovanni Montresor ( the owner)  has always been a sort of second home. My family has in fact worked with wine for 150 years and, in the past, its members have often been pioneers in vine-growing and wine production.

After initially being employed by a large Veronese wine company, I felt a strong need to work in close contact with the land and my vines. So, thanks to my determination and the invaluable support of my family, the Corte Quaiara project took shape, becoming once more – vintage after vintage – a fully-fledged wine-producing domaine.

When I decided to give new life to Corte Quaiara, I realised that I wanted to make wines that were able to express who I am. I wanted to produce wines in which you can smell the scents of the earth, of the grapes becoming must, and of the vats in which the wine matures. I wanted those who drink my wines to savour each phase of the production process, so I learnt all about it, from the vine to the bottle.

In my wines you can find my full identity: the strain on my back; my hands, stained with earth and grape juice; and my pleasure in seeing, enclosed in the bottle, the realisation of my initial idea. Today I am a vigneron.