For the lovers of intense flavors or young reds passionate.

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WINERY: Fioravanti Onesti


DESCRIPTION: Our Cabarnet Franc is a red with a deep color and characterized by lively flavors both on the palate and the nose. The smoothness generated by the grapes that grows under a continuous solar exposure on summer make this wine perfectly balanced, perfect with juicy red meats or delicately spicy dishes.

For the lovers of intense flavors or young reds passionate.

Cabernet Franc D.O.C. is a grapevine typical of North Eastern Italy, its name expressing to perfection its particular characteristics: a sincere wine, clean and recognizable, earthy with an herbaceous background and a bouquet of dark fruits and licorice; fragrances that make it unique and appreciated by connoisseurs.

For a long time considered a minor variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, today the Cabernet Franc D.O.C. expresses its strong personality creating full-bodied wines with a decisive herbaceous accent leaving the mouth cleansed.

The taste of the Cabernet Franc Veneto produced on the estate of Foiravanti Onesti is definite and full of personality. The color is intense red and is not adapt for maturing in barrels, but is refined in bottles for at least 6 months.


BEST WITH: Foods recommended for pairing are those of decided flavor. Fresh water fish like salmon, roast beef, grilled or roast meats, potatoes with herbs, grilled mushrooms and matured, hard cheeses are all perfect.

GRAPE VARIETY:: 100% Cabernet Franc

PRDICTION AREA: San Biagio di Callalta, Treviso

SOIL: Caranto (Clay)





Fioravanti Onesti estate began in the first years of the 19th century when Baron Francesco Fioravanti Onesti from Padua, ancestor of the actual owner, bought the property in Rovarè of San Biagio di Callalta, owned then by the noble family Da Lezze.

The favourable location of the land led to transforming the property into a florid, modern estate. The heirs, all enthusiastic farmers, lavished capital and innovations “to render fertile lands that were sterile and unfertile”. It is thus that the historian Trevigiano Antonio Caccianiga, in his “Memories of the Province of Treviso”, in 1874, confirmed how “Baron Gaetano Onesti is among the land owners who contribute towards the agricultural progress of the province. His lands are sown properly, and cultivated with care, by means of assiduous and intelligent vigilance that leads to the improvement of the peasants, showing them the example of the Rovarè farmlands. The vines, both in the habitual way as with the “palo a secco” present a florid appearance and in the making of the wine the methods of the distinguished Professor Carpenè are used in the enological establishment of the province. Therefore, improvement is diffused everywhere and, in every part of the territory, the large land owners introduce new reforms which are imitated by the smaller land owners.”

The agronomical and technical modernization of the Estate brought about by Baron Francesco Fioravanti Onesti in the early 1970’s was of fundamental importance, allowing the continuation in production of excellent grapes that characterize his property.

Today the Estate, predominantly vineyards, is supervised with passion and commitment by Alvise Fioravanti Onesti, following in the tradition of the family in the respect of nature and in excellence of the final product. It was his desire to increase the production of wine and open to the public, due to the appreciation manifest and the growing demand of the market.