Amid the sweet sensations of violet and steeped cherries, spicy notes of pepper and cloves are temptingly perceptible

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WINERY: Venturini


DESCRIPTION: With its intense, luminous garnet red color, Amarone is concentrated and dense. Amid the sweet sensations of violet and steeped cherries, spicy notes of pepper and cloves are temptingly perceptible. The mouth is explosive and warm, well balanced by the pleasantly savory dryness of the strongtannins that add elegance and enhance its enjoyment, with an aftertaste of small, sweet fruits preserved in spirits.

The label of this wine shows the fragment of an effigy that decorates an ancient Romanesque church located near our cellar. It depicts two winged lions guarding a vase of wine. Displaying it on our labels is our way of conveying the culture of our land to the rest of the world.


BEST WITH: Amarone is an intense wine that needs to be paired with foods capable of standing up to the comparison with its flavorful power.

Excellent with aged cheeses, it expresses the best of itself with dishes of game or very elaborate dishes like braised and slow-cooked meats. It is particularly intriguing paired with a platter of pork ribs in barbecue sauce.


  • GRAPE VARIETIES: Corvina 70% Rondinella 25% Molinara 5%
  • NET CONT: 375ml 750ml 1500ml
  • ALCOHOL: 16.5% by vol.
  • VINEYARDS:located in the Valpolicella Classica district, about 250 mt above sea level – prevalent southwestern exposure – very light, calcareous soil rich in skeletrical matter.
  • GROWING SYSTEM: Trento pergola – density of 3,000 plants per hectare – average age of vineyards: 30 years – average buds per plant: 20-25
  • YIELD PER HECTARE: 6,000 kilograms Harvested and sorted by handgenerally in the second half of September.
  • VINIFICATION: Raisining of selected bunches on platforms until January (loss of 40% of the weight) - pressing and destemming - maceration on the skins for 45 days, pumping over daily - fermentation between 10°C and 20°C – racking off and transfer to wood, where the wine matures for 24 months, part in oaken casks and part in tonneaux - aged in the bottle for 6 months after bottling.


Azienda Agricola Venturini is located in San Floriano which is a village in part of the town of San Pietro in Cariano (Verona). It was established in 1963 and continues to grow thanks to love, experience and hard work of three generations. Beginning with Grandfather Antonio who passed it onto his son Massimino, who in turn placed it in the hands of his children: Daniele carefully follows the wine making process, Mirco passionately takes care of the vineyards and Giuseppina manages the business sector.

"Dedication and passion...
...Living everyday in close contact with nature, following and respecting its rhythm. It is our family’s admiring gaze towards the rows of grapevines as it proudly admire the ripened grapes. It is the memory of our grandfather Massimino’s loving touch on our faces with his rough hands, that represented the earth’s essence".