The bouquet is reminiscent of ripe fruit and cherry jam, but also chocolate

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WINERY: Bussola


DESCRIPTION: It reveals, in the glass, its density and its lively and intense ruby red color. The bouquet is reminiscent of ripe fruit and cherry jam, but also chocolate and toasted texture given by long aging. The sip is important, soft full and consistent, tasty in taste and pleasantly fresh in drinking. Of very long persistence.


BEST WITH: Ideal in combination with a pork tenderloin in Bagoss sauce

  • GRAPES VARIETY: Corvina 35% Corvinone 30% Rondinella 25% Molinara 10%
  • AGE OF VINEYARD: from 15 to 50 years old 
  • TRAINING SYSTEM: Pergola Veronese and Guyot
  • DENSITY: from 3500 to 6000 plants per hectare
  • ALCOHOL BY VOL.: 17%
  • TOTAL ACIDITY: 7,2 g/l
  • SUGAR: 8,9 g/l (Vintage 2014)
  • PRESERVATION: 25-35 years. Depending on the vintage


Note: The grapes are harvested and selected from vines with a minimum age of 15 years old that comes from all our vineyards.

Left to dry on mats from the middle of September until the middle of January, the grapes undergo a major drying process,  leaving a sugar level of 260/270 g/l residual sugar. After the crushing, the fermentation occur for 60 days with temperature from 5 to 15 °C.

During these days, we made daily pump over. 

It is racked and placed in a stainless steel tank for 10 days. It is then racked again and put into second use barriques 225l and tonneaux of 500l, having at this stage a residual sugar level of 40 g/l. 

Here it stays for 42 months on fine lees while slowly fermentation continues, 

Assembled in a tank where remain for 4 months before the bottling.

It ages in bottle for 4/6 months before the release on the market. 

Of this wine we make a total production of almost 15.000 bottles.