Hey you!

Tired to be at home?

Pissed off from this particular moment with Covid and all the restriction?

Have you got an insane will of traveling but it's not allowed?

No problem! We are here just for you, to help you out the best way to spend your time at home.


Relax, and think about how wonderful could be travelling without moving (yes, yes, Jamiroquai named his album exactly in this way ;) ), without any effort, without airplane stress, no early wake up call neither late falling asleep on a plane seat.

No time zone complication, no difficult situation with a foreign language, no problem about walking too much...


We give you the chance to remain in your comfort zone, in your most comfortable armchair, with your fresh soda or hot chocolate in your hand (indulge a little bit).

It should work perfectly in this way! So, you are ready to enjoy a fantastic Virtual tour of your favorite city, or in that place you have been always craving to visit, and why not, you can have all the tour you want: in this city for scouting something new, in this city to understand if it could be good for you, in this city because it always intrigued you, in this city because you have already been thousand time but one more is never enough ... any other idea? any other justification? of course!


You can have dozens of reason and as many cities to visit, thanks to our Virtual Tour.

Choose among:

  • Venice: this incredible and unique city. We offer different formulas, according if it would be your first time here or if you are already regular. If you just want to visit the highlights such as Rialto Bridge, St Mark' square, St Mark's basilica, Grand Canal and gondola) or if you would like to know all those secret places for the locals. 
  • Treviso: medieval city, birthplace of Tiramisu cake, Prosecco sparkling wine (and Spritz aperitif made with Prosecco) and Radicchio red salad. A wander among medieval fresco and Roman ruins, among Liberty style architecture and canal of waters. 
  •  Bologna: city of tortellini and bolognese sauce! yummy! But Bologna is not only food, but above all the first University in the world, and also Piazza Maggiore (main square), St Stephen's church, Asinelli & Garisenda towers and infinity covered walkways (porticos).
  • Florence: wonderful cradle of Renaissance, from painting to architecture. Think about to main square in the city with the huge cathedral, and its dome, the astonishing  bell tower by Giotto, the baptistery and its unforgettable doors. And then Uffizi museum, accademia (academy) gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Boboli's garden and a lot of gems unveiled just for you.
  • Rome: incredible city of Roman ruins, Coliseum (or Colosseum, up to you), Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps. And don't forget Vatican with Vaticans museum and St Peter's basilica and Pope.
  • Pompei: in love with ruins? this is exactly the tour for you. No other city in the whole world could offer you  such an a detailed cross section of life of 2000 years ago. Everybody knows that Pompei was a roman city which was destroyed by the eruption of a volcano, but in this case you will discover a lot more about these ancient stones and you will see everything with different point of you
  • Naples: Pizza, sea and Vesuvio. The three magical words which sum up the essence of this magnificent city. You will enjoy the best districts in town, such as the colorful Spaccanapoli, window shopping in Via Toledo, an immersion in the genuine heart of Naples which in via San Gregorio Armeno or the street of Nativities, not forgetting to pay homage to San Gennaro, city patron.


Don't forget we are famous in our tours for 2 things: we always smile while speaking and we are never boring.

We are used to show you around our cities showing you the best things in town, telling you a lot of nice anecdotes and not just boring dates. 

We are always smiling because we love our cities, we love our job and above all we love you and we love to involve you in these virtual tour with positive emotion.

We make feel each of you as a special guest in the best Italian cities, while admiring all the beauties of this incredible country, Italy.


We are here, for you. You safely remain at your place but you will see: you will fly far from your home and you will enjoy yourself.

Write us for available date, take a look on our social network for already planned agenda, ask us for a tour on your favorite time of the day.

You can have a private virtual tour just tailored made on your need or you can have a group virtual tour, but in any case when you will connect to the tour (with your pc, laptop, desktop, mobile, iPhone) you will be allowed to share this moment with your friends and relatives together with you, in front of the same device.

No matter how many of you, you will pay only once for each tour.

Mena, in  Palermo