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Once upon a time there was a magic and unique city, called Venice. A town well known for its trading, and some of its merchant were even more famous [refers to that Moor of Venice coming from Shakespeare and his Merchant of Venice].

Nowadays that fairy city called Venice is still there, with its canals and gondola. There's less trading now than in the past, but more and more tourism, which is someway a sort of trading.

And following this allure, in the modern version of the city of Venice, after one year and half of pandemic and all the problems related to it, two charming and fascinating modern knights arrived in town, just to remember us that Venice has always benne the symbol of trading and rebirth, and now more than ever, it still is.

The two knights are Mr Domenico Dolce and Mr Domenico Gabbana, the most famous Italian duo in fashion world, and they arrived in Venice to celebrate their fashion show of "Alta Moda" [Haute Couture] exactly in St Mark's square and for one night we stepped back in the past, as we were in one of the fabulous party in the Renaissance.

Despite of the knights, we had also a hundred of ladies arriving by gondola.One hundred outfit for one hundred special models, everything created by Venetian artists and artisans. We are talking about precious velvet specially created by Bevilacqua, amazing jewels by Orsoni and Antonio Dei Rossi [yes, our friend Antonio] with two different kind of Murrina (both spectacular), glossy satin, a fully embroidery sequins dress, trompe l’œil hand painted on a gown, all reproducing venetian colors, decoration of famous monuments, Venetian symbols, unique venetian architecture.

Tons of celebrities both on and by side of the runway: from Deva Cassel (Monica Bellucci's and Vincent Cassel's daughter) to Jennifer Lopez, Bianca Balti to Sharon Stone, Heidi Klum and her daughter Lent, Helen, Mirren and Kate Bosworth, D’Lila Star & Jessie James (Puff Daddy's twins), Vin Diesel and Christian Bale, Saweetie and Sara Foster, Jennifer Hudson and some of the Kardashian, lady Kitty Spencer and Kris Jenner.

Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana are used to wonderful location such as Fontana Pretoria in Palermo, Villa Bardini in Florence, Valley of  Temples in Siracuse, at Como Lake and Venice didn't accpted to be choosen only in 2021 and so, the city had its revenge creating a littl ebit of disarray, just to leave its mark: an hailstorm has torn down during the show at Arsenal, J.Lo has been photographed with price tag still on the cape she was wearing, Sharon Stone has been the goal of a pigeon with stomach problem, heavy rain followed by a rainbow during the show in St Mark's square,

Thanks to fashion world and to Dolce&Gabbana for bringing Venice back to its splendor and make all of us into a dream. We really need a little touch of magic in our life.

Igor, from Venice


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