Tour Leader Italy, Here we Go!!

The answer is Tour Leader Italy.

Hello everybody!
We are finally here and we are so enthusiastic and so proud to share this adventure with each of you.

Tour Leader Italy is what you are looking fro since a long time,
Tour Leader Italy is the answer for all your need.
Tour Leader Italy is the solution for your holiday in Italy.

Are you looking for an unusual tours?
Are you looking for a regular tour with some little extra gems just for you?
Are you looking for skilled and smiling tour guides?
Are you looking for professional driver?
Are you looking for a souvenir from Italy made just for you, exactly how you want?
Are you looking for the best experience in Italy? 
Are you looking for the tour of your life?
Are you looking for an artisan in Italy? 
Are you looking for a workshop during your vacation in Italy?
Are you looking for a cooking class in Italy?



The answer is Tour Leader Italy.

Tour Leader Italy is your travel agent for many different cities in Italy: Venice, Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Treviso, Florence and many others which are coming.

We are here to give the chance to experience your luxury, as our claim says, because everybody could make you travel, but only with Tour Leader Italy you can do it with style!
No matter if you are traveling alone or with your huge family, if you are in Italy for business or leisure, if you are arriving here by train or with your private flight, in any case our mission is to make you feel like home - better - a luxury home, for the best experience of your life.

Tour Leader Italy is a new brand, coming out from Tour Leader Venice first, and Tour Leader Treviso later. In 2019 Venice and Treviso were not enough anymore, and due to a large number of requests from our customers since 2007, we decided to enlarge our area of competence and we extended our net in a wider one, from North to South, from West to East of Italy.

The person who started this adventure many years ago (it was 1997 more or less) is always Igor "the boss" Scomparin, who is really well known in Venice and surrounding, and we are sure that many of you can remember him as your personal tour guide in Venice during your stay in the lagoon.

Now-a-days the team is larger: 

  • lot of tour guides on the fields, or on the streets as you prefer;
  • many employees behind the curtain, answering the phone and the email, to be always in contact with you;
  • many drivers (car, minivan, bus, boat, gondola ) up and down the whole Italy, to bring each you wherever you want;
  • many experts ready to find the best for you (according to your willing);
  • selected artisan to give you the best products made in Italy and to offer you the best quality for the one-of-a-kind souvenir of your dreamy holiday.

We are here! Working for you, excited as never before. And you? What are you waiting for?

Come in Italy with Tour Leader Italy and Experience your Luxury.