All good things come to an end!

Yes, it's true, even for Mr Malaussène and his adventure. After 7 books, more than 5  million copies, Mr Daniel Pennac, the italian-french writer and father of Mr Malaussène, decided to put a full stop to this incredible saga.

For those who still don't know Mr Malaussène charactere, we can say he is part of a weird family, living in Belleville (one of the folkloristic quartier in Paris) and he workd as a scapegoat (yes, a scapegoat) in a Parisian mall. If this enough for you? Well, read a book about this odd family, start from the first one called "The Fairy Gunmother" (originally in French, Au bonheur des ogres, 1985) and then slowly proceed with all of them, until 2023 and last chapter of this exhilerant saga. An applause to Mr Pennac, the writer.

And if it's not enough for you, once again, we left you in this blog more or less one year ago, speaking a meeting with an Italian author, Alessandro Barbaglia: well, Alessandro, our friend, has written another book named La mossa del matto (not yet in translated in English) speaking about Bobby Fischer, the American chess player. And so.. Mr Pennac himself, speaking about Barbaglia's book, said "this is a book who ruines me, because I will gift it to everyone". Curious? Us too!!! Above all because we are going to be the chairman of Alessandro's new book for the third time. Stay tuned for details and in the meanwhile, read last work by Mr Pennac.