We are pretty sure that you heard the news about the doomsday predicted by Maya calendar: everybody knows it was supposed on 2012, but 2012 has gone and - in a way or another - we arrive until nowadays, in 2021.

That's the fact everybody knows. But more or less a month ago, news said there was a misunderstanding and the doomsday was postponed on 2021, exactly on June 21st instead of 2012.

Ops! Well, we don't know which is the correct prediction, but anyway, a month has gone since June 21st and we are - lucky us - still here!


So, we think we should celebrate: we are safe and sound, and what's better than figuring out how to spend our time, our spare time, our precious time?

The answer is: a fantastic journey!

The second answer is: a fantastic journey (yeah, not a fantastic journey to Oz) in Italy!

The third answer: a fantastic journey in Italy, in city as Venice and Veneto Region, Florence and Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Naples, Rome, Vatican City, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, Milan, Pompei and ruins, Palermo and Sicily, just to give some hints.


We know that 2020 and 2021 are difficult years, and so we are here to give you a double chance to have your magnificent journey for your holiday: we are here to give you the chance to visit Italy for real, in presence, or to visit Italy (and its gems and hidden corners) comfortably sit on your armchair by virtual tour.


What are you waiting for?

Just choose the period, the san of time for your vacation and then we magically built your bespoke travel, perfectly tailored on you and on your needs, just as an handmade suit.


Contact us for any kind of information, you are more than welcome here, one of our tour specialists will take care of you and all your requests.

Be confident, travel (virtually or in person, it's up to you) with Tour Leader Italy, and enjoy your luxury experience.

Gennaro, in Naples