We decided not to pay homage to V.I.P. and not V.I.P. people when they pass away. We respect them, and the their friends and relatives. But this time, we need to make an exception.

On July 29th, Mr Paolo Andrich has gone. We don't know how, why, anything, any reason, but we only know that what started more or less one year ago as a business project, in a very short time became a freindship.

Our boss Igor went so many times in Torcello at "Museo Casa Andrich" [one of the few artist houses in Italy] to meet Paolo, and little by little a lot of other friends of us went there, and everyone said "What a wonderful day", "what a magnificent experience today", "what an amazing person [Paolo]".

That was the truth: Everybody loved Paolo, his behaviour, his acknoledge, his sense of humour, his fluent French, his amazing projects, his life, his island, his everything.

One year ago, we decided to pay homage to Paolo's genius with an astonishing hadnmade frame, who discloses at its inner part, a section of silk, reproducing one of the famous arazzo made by Mr Lucio Andrich. 

One year ago we watched those frame, so eccentric and beautiful, and we were so delighted by this piece of art.

Nowadays, one year later, we are still here, watchign at this frame, and a confusion of thoughts rises around it.

Only a pair of frame remains to us, and we are here staring at them, waiting for an answer. We can only stare at it, its beauty.

and we let our memory float.

Thanks to Ottica in Barberia in Treviso (Italy) for this dream which came true, and now it's a proof of memory. 


Ciao Paolo, R.I.P.

Igor, in Venice & the whole team