The most relaxing way to experience Venice. You dont like to walk much ? You dont like to have a guide with you the entire day .. but you still would like to have some local hints and tips regarding Venice ? This is the way to discover it !!

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Our local expert will come to your accommodation, if you stay in Venice, you will get a little introduction about Venice!

Having a local expert just for you !

It will give you the possibility to answer to all the questions that you ve got in your mind and you thought that there was no answer .. you ll have a stroll to the closest gondola station in order to expelore Venice from the most gentle point of view, you will be hugged as in the craddle !

Doesnt really matter the itinerary, while in Venice ! Each corner it a postcard, and you never knwo what’s behid each corner !

  • 1 hour local expert at you disposal
  • 30 minutes of gondola ride included in the hour 
  • greates way to knwo a bit about the city without too much stress !